(2) Rohn Model # OB-1 (116 watt) Single Obstruction Lights. 
Painted aviation orange. Lenses are in very good condition. 
$35.00 ea. (NOS)   
Tektronix 494P microwave spectrum analyzer. Used, good operating condition. $2750.00 
Tektronix 494 microwave spectrum analyzer. Used, good operating condition. $2500.00 
Booton model 4200 RF microwattmeter, with model 41-4E sensor, model 41-4C sensor, and operation manual. $400.00 
(10)  3/4" &  7/8" Galvanized Shackles
Freshly Regalvanized
$7.50 / ea - 3/4" (Used)
$10 / ea - 7/8" (Used)


Dielectric 3-1/8” rigid transmission line for sale.  Complete installation consisting of a total of about 468’ of mostly 20’ straight sections, with some elbows and short field cut pieces.  Also have a 3 port patch panel, 10 kW Bird dummy load, dehydrator, directional coupler.  Also have Dielectric TLP-16A-1E antenna on Ch. 55, Dielectric 6 cavity mask filter for ch.55.  Buyer must make all arrangements for shipping from SE Wisconsin.

Spinner GmbH BN917510,  3-1/8” to 1-5/8” reducer, NEW                        $100.00
Rohde & Schwarz 2086.8108.00  1-5/8” rigid to 2-1/4” flex, NEW
Spinner GmbH BN918311, 1-5/8” coupling element, NEW

Patriot CV90-T0757-42 6’ satellite dish, Ku band

HP Proliant DL360 G5 server
APC AP7750 automatic transfer switch
45kW, 400/231V – 208V transformer, Square D EE45T3022HB            $750.00

New, unused Racal-Dana model 9087 synthesized signal generator, complete with operation manual, power cord, and the hard to find schematics for several of the sealed RF modules inside the unit.  We bought a large lot of these instruments 10+ years ago, and this one has been just sitting in storage since then.  I recently powered it up and tried it out at a number of frequencies and power levels throughout its range, it seems to be working properly with no error messages.  I did not do a thorough test of every operating parameter, however. 

The 9087 is reportedly Racal's answer to the HP 8662A, and has similar performance and specifications.  Close in phase noise surpasses the 8662A, typical values at 3kHz offset from carrier are -136 dBc/Hz from 0.01 MHz to 650 MHz, and -130 dBc/Hz from 650 MHz to 1300 MHz.  The 9087 covers 10 kHz to 1300 MHz, with 1 hZ resolution.  RF output ranges from +19 dBm to -140 dBm, settable via numeric keyboard or spinwheel, with resolution down to o.1 dBm.  Amplitude, frequency and phase modulation is provided at 2 modulating frequencies, or an external frequency source can be used.  Amplitude or pulse modulation can be applied simultaneously with frequency or phase modulation.  FM modulation bandwidth is DC to 100 kHz, phase modulation deviation 5 radians above 60 kHz carrier frequency.  Has internal 10 MHz reference, an external reference can also be used.  Has GPIB Interface, IEEE-STD-488, 1978 standard for remote programming.   Cosmetically excellent, sold as-is with a 14 day return period minus shipping costs if the 9087 is received in non-operational condition, no other warranty express or implied.  This instrument has Option 04A, internal standard reference oscillator, and Option 11, reverse power protection unit.  The reverse power protection option will prevent internal damage from up to 50 watts of external RF applied to the output connector.  Shipping cost may be high, as the 9087 weighs around 70 lbs.  $1,000.00

Boonton model 4200 RF microwattmeter, with 41-4C and 41-4E power detectors, and operation manual.  $300.00



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